Rob Hefferan continues his defence for realism in a new series of paintings, capturing the allure of realism with the magic of the abstract. Unlike anything he has done before, swapping the figurative for the animal, horses are taking centre stage. Each realistically painted horse is surrounded in an abstract backdrop, some colourful, some dark, exuding a variety of moods and tones. Despite this change in subject matter however Hefferan has retained the ruthless finesse and compelling drama that he is known for. Full of energy and motion due to intricately placed brushstrokes and an ingenious use of colour the horses truly come alive on the paper. They have their own stories to tell as much as the characters in Rob’s figurative work. The horses appear wild, untamed with human-like emotions similar to that of Michael Morpurgo’s famous War Horse.

Rob’s work reflects the constant flux and renewal of life, ever-changing and experimenting with new forms and subject matters. Brave, forward thinking and always challenging, Rob experiments with a variety of themes, moods and styles to create thought provoking visual statements that inspire and has earnt him critical acclaim and a reputation as one of the most collectable artists. Rob’s new equestrian collection is a new chapter in this experimentation and challenge.

Portfolio fine art are privileged to represent Rob and are delighted to be able to present this new considered collection that will make a perfect companion to previous collections whilst also bringing something entirely new and original delighting current collectors and new discoverers alike.