Limited Edition On Deckled Edge Paper

Image Size:      18" x 18"

Framed Size:    28" x 28"

Edition Size:     95 plus 10 Artist's Proofs (please contact us for further information on these)

RRP Framed:    £545.00  

Solomon is head and shoulders above the rest.   He is wise as well as handsome and, if ever you get lost, he will take you safely home - both physically and metaphorically.

Capturing light, shadows and reflections perfectly, Rob Hefferan's paintings are so intricately detailed that it is not surprising that some can take a hundred and fifty hours to complete.   Critically acclaimed and an inspiration to others, Hefferan truly is an admirable artist whose equine art is instantly recognisable.  

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Deckled Edge Paper mounted and framed : (w) x (h)
RRP: £ 545.00