'I don't want realism, I want magic!' Tennessee Williams' Blanch Du Bois famously proclaims in his classic play, but can't realism and magic be symbiotic? Cannot magic also be felt and depicted in realistic art?  Rob Hefferan makes an excellent claim that it can in the hyperrealist figurative paintings in his new collection. Hefferan captures life in its most romantic and fantastical depicting characters bathed in light or hidden in darkness depending on the story they have to tell.

Capturing the light, shadows and reflections so perfectly, Hefferan's paintings are so intricately detailed that there is no wonder that some of his paintings can take one hundred and fifty hours to complete.  Critically acclaimed and an inspiration to others, Hefferan truly is an admirable artist who's figurative art is instantly recognisable. Heffran's inspiration is ever changing, however, and 2021 will see him taking on genres collectors are less likely to be familiar with, though each promise to be finished with the same ruthless finesse and compelling drama that Hefferan is known for.

Portfolio Fine Art are privileged to represent Rob and are delighted to present this considered curated collection which will make a perfect companion to previous collections in this elegant style delighting current collectors and new discoverers alike.