Limited Edition Canvas on Board

Image Size:      29.5" x 14.0"

Framed Size:    34.6" x 19.0"

Edition Size:     20 plus 5 Artist Editions and 2 Artist Proofs

RRP Framed:    £695.00

A beautiful new limited edition print from Rob Hefferan, embellished & framed with Love!

  1. "You can certainly feel the passion of the reunion of two lovers, maybe parted what feels like forever or just hours, their luggage left aside and fellow travellers dispersed unbeknownst to this couple.  The same image can resound in every station on any platform everyday, the sight of fond farewells and ecstatic greetings for this Love is Forever"

  2. (All measurements are approximate)

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Limited Edition Canvas on Board, Mounted : 29.5 (w) x 14.0 (h)
RRP: £ 575.00
Limited Edition Canvas on Board Mounted and Framed : 34.6 (w) x 19.0 (h)
RRP: £ 695.00