Original Oil On Canvas Framed

Image Size:  40" x 40"

Framed Size: 45.0" x 45.0"

RRP Framed:  £2,215.00

In this dramatic new Original work, Julie Ann Scott perfectly captures the interplay of light & shadow. Shafts of sunlight illuminate a vibrant cloud formation, creating an explosion of colour across the sky. Beneath this array, yachts are guided by the shafts of light as they race each other to reach their moorings before the sun sets

“Art should speak for itself, like a grown up. It doesn’t need long paragraphs to explain itself, or shock tactics to motivate change. By all means art should motivate, but I put it this way..nothing motivates or commands change more than a move of the heart. At our very core is where the catastrophic shift should be. All art should do heart surgery. This is what I try to achieve. I work chiefly using imagination, light and colour to create a mood and atmosphere that will lift the human soul to a position of hope.” Julie Ann Scott

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Original Oil on Canvas Framed : 45.0 (w) x 45.0 (h)
RRP: £ 2215.00