Original Oil on Canvas on Board

Image Size:  27.6" x 39.4"

Framed Size: TBC

RRP Framed:  £4,995.00

*** RESERVED *** 

Andrew Kinsman captures the feeling of Italian cafe life in this latest collection. This lady is lost in her thoughts - but what are they. Her beguiling smile suggests a happy memory....perhaps a burgeoning romance?.....or maybe just anticipating that cup of coffee........

Andrew Kinsman creates surroundings, emotions and thoughts highlighting a single moment in time.   Evocative and intriguing, Andrew's art beguiles his audience to ask themselves if they have visited this place but, although it looks familiar, we can't be absolutely certain we've been there - or even in which country it might be.   Fascinating and thought provoking, we want to know more...

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Original Oil on Canvas Framed : (w) x (h)
RRP: £ 4995.00