Limited Edition on Paper

Framed Size:  23" x 28.25"

Image Size: 13.8' x 18.5"

Edition Size: 295

RRP Framed £545

Alexander Millar says "I was walking up 7th Avenue in New York City when I saw a character who looked as if he had just come off the set of the TV series Peaky Blinders.

It got me imagining - how would the Shelby family look and act in other cities, where maybe they had less influence and clout.  I'm thinking they would be as bold as brass wherever they were."

(all measurements are approximate)


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Paper only : 13.8 (w) x 18.5 (h)
RRP: £ 430.00
Paper mounted, framed : 19.75 (w) x 25.00 (h)
RRP: £ 479.00