Original Acrylic On Canvas Framed

Framed Size:  29.6" x 41.4"

Image Size:  23.6" x 35.4"

RRP Framed £845

"Apparently, early colonialists found the sound of birdsong in New Zealand utterly ear-splitting. There were so many birds, they had to cover their ears. When they started harvesting their feathers for ladies’ hats back home, the problem subsided.  Likewise, the little yellow ‘Tassie Tiger’ in this picture didn’t last long when settlers felt their sheep stocks threatened. Mark Twain said: “History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes.” I’m sure ‘The Coming Collapse’ can’t be too far off".

(all measurements are approximate)


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Framed Original : 29.6 (w) x 41.4 (h)
RRP: £ 845.00