Whenever I can I will always return to the work of Claude Monet and especially the scenes of London he painted while staying there. The thing that always captures my imagination is not only how he was a master in the use of colour and texture but also the way he would almost forget the building he was portraying like the Houses of Parliament and the detail therein but became engrossed in the play of light and the atmosphere it created. It’s a skill that has fascinated me for years and in this painting I wanted to draw heavily on the use of light the way Monet did. Its so true though that the memories we have of our own past and the family we shared it with who are no longer with us is just like that, shadows and dust. It’s almost what you’re left with after all those years together. I regularly go back to the wee village I was brought up in to see if I can still capture something of those past days and when I walk around that small place something I may occasionally notice out the corner of my eye will transport me back to a time and in that place a flavour will flood back into my senses and for a brief moment its relived and then all too soon it’s a shadow once again.

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