Limited Edition printed on Canvas Board, Framed 

Image Size:  23.5" x 31.3"

Framed Size: TBC

Edition Size:  45

RRP Framed £745

Simon Kenevan's pictures can often have a photographic feel, such is the clarity of his images, and the skill of his brushwork.Simon perfectly captures the clear shallow seawater as it washes the beach, shimmering in the sunlight shining from the clear blue sky

Printed on canvas board, and expertly mounted and framed, this picture would look great in any room

Simon Kenevan has an undying love of the waters edge - where land meets sea and river.

"I was born to be near the ocean. To paint the place where the elements meet. Sky, Sea, Land. The light, the weather, the space. The peace, the tempest. I'm a grain of sand in the great scheme of things. That's all I am. I'm being tossed around in this life like everybody else, like a grain of sand in the sea. I like to be reminded of that fact.

It's good to feel the humbling power of Mother Earth."

(all measurements are approximate)


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Limited Edition Canvas on Board Mounted : 23.5 (w) x 31.3 (h)
RRP: £ 645.00
Limited Edition Canvas on Board Framed : (w) x (h)
RRP: £ 745.00