Original Mixed-Media, Unframed

Image Size:  31.5" x 31.5"  

Unframed Price:  £2,500

This dramatic new original work by Jenny B has been released to coincide with and support the London Gay Pride festival, and the summer of LGBT events across the UK and beyond

This powerful image is created using acrylic and spray paints, and uses denim to achieve the textured surface

Jenny-Brenda Musungay is a London based artist whose work focuses on urban and abstract pieces. Born in the Belgian Congo, Jenny has a strong sense of her Congolese identity and cultural heritage, and also of her strong support of the LGBT causes and community

Always creating the piece before deciding on the title, Jenny-B is driven to reconcile her cultural heritage with today’s commercial appetite - and it is this which makes her work so fascinating with its intelligently, yet almost teasingly, political and cultural edge. 

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Original Mixed Media, Unframed : 31.5 (w) x 31.5 (h)
RRP: £ 2500.00