Original Acrylic On Canvas

Framed Size:  29.2" x 22.1"

Image Size:  23.2 x 16.1"

RRP Framed £795

"Most of the faces I paint have more than one side, or appear two-faced" says Tony Black. "I’m interested in the idea of the masks we wear in public, sometimes very different masks, that we show to people. I read a lot of biographies, as a novelist they’re great for getting under the skin of people, for exploring their ‘sides’. I find it interesting how people often gather quite different, or even opposing, perceptions of others. The passage of time, and the ageing process means a lot of these masks are ‘Lost’ and new ones replace them, or are ‘Found’". 

(all measurements are approximate)


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Framed Original : 29.2 (w) x 22.1 (h)
RRP: £ 795.00