Original Acrylic On Canvas Framed

Framed Size:  41.4" x 29.6"  

Image Size:  35.4" x 23.6"

RRP Framed £845

"All of my paintings are composed of figures, especially faces and expressions" explains Tony Black.  "I think I place the greatest emphasis on capturing a frame of mind or a fleeting thought or judgement.   A lot of the time, when I'm trying to capture a particular look, movement and gestures become important.   In 'Forgiveness Comes First' I was trying to create an inner struggle, the confusion and clutching at straws that comes from such a mindset.   A lot of inner conflict can lead to over thinking, when the easy solution is simply to be kinder to yourself".

(all measurements are approximate)


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Framed Original : 41.4 (w) x 29.6 (h)
RRP: £ 845.00