Limited Edition Box Canvas, Embellished & Framed

Image Size:      19.5" x 30" 

Framed Size     21.5" x 32"

Edition Size:     45

RRP Framed:    £495.00

Keeping our feet on the ground is all very well - but sometimes it takes some REALLY big shoes to make them stay there!

Joanne Panayi takes her inspiration from people and loves the vast scope of the human character - it's never boring to people-watch and most of her art has a story behind it.  It could be a particular look or a slight stance or movement that makes her pick up a pencil... and Joanne's incredible joie de vivre makes us want to be in her extraordinary shoes whenever we can! 

(All measurements are approximate)


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Limited Edition Box Canvas : 19.5 (w) x 30.0 (h)
RRP: £ 375.00
Limited Edition Box Canvas, Framed : 21.5 (w) x 32.0 (h)
RRP: £ 495.00