Limited Edition Box Canvas Framed

Image Size:  36" x 36"

Framed Size: TBC

Edition Size:  45 plus 1 Artist's Proof 

RRP Box Canvas: £675  

RRP Framed:  £795

Dreaming, contemplating, imagining, reflecting - just lose yourself in a deep sea reverie.

“Art should speak for itself, like a grown up. It doesn’t need long paragraphs to explain itself, or shock tactics to motivate change. By all means art should motivate, but I put it this way..nothing motivates or commands change more than a move of the heart. At our very core is where the catastrophic shift should be. All art should do heart surgery. This is what I try to achieve. I work chiefly using imagination, light and colour to create a mood and atmosphere that will lift the human soul to a position of hope.” Julie Ann Scott

(All measurements are approximate)


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Box Canvas : (w) x (h)
RRP: £ 675.00
Box Canvas Framed : (w) x (h)
RRP: £ 795.00