Original Oil on Canvas Framed

Image Size:  29" x 29"

Framed Size:  32" x 32"

RRP Framed  £1,100

Let's all go down to the river - there's nowhere more relaxing on a sunny day.

A series of Books which author, artist and illustrator Emma Brownjohn has written is a 'Good Read' recommendation for children with suggestions for making our planet a healthier and better place to live, we all need that now, right?   What a great mentor Emma is for anyone looking to express their artistic flair.  A freelance illustrator and muralist,  Emma has been commissioned by the likes of Harrods, Coca Cola, The Independent, Penguin, Boots and Absolut Vodka.   She is truly an inspiration to many that you can follow your dream and create life on any surface.

We are delighted that Emma chooses a  surface that is tangible since returning to her first love, painting!  Each of her paintings unfolds a story which,  almost from day to day, we see something different within.   With a selection of Originals and Limited Edition Prints currently available, Emma strives in a pocket of space and time to stave away a sometime complicated world where people can find themselves, be happy and inspired.   Watch the daily news?  "Rarely.  Inequality is far too depressing".

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Original Oil on Canvas Framed : 32 (w) x 32 (h)
RRP: £ 1100.00