After working on a number of comic related paintings, I wanted to do something that entered into the internal logic of comics.

I always thought it curious that children very rarely laugh whilst reading comics, but the characters within the comics (Bash St Kids, Dennis the Menace etc.) all think that their world is hilarious, and look directly out of the comic frame to address the reader.

I wanted to paint an actual child, looking out to the viewer, and reacting to his comic in the hyper enthusiastic manner of a comic character. But, hopefully, I wanted my picture to be amusing.

Stretched Canvas in a white square frame, Signed & numbered by the artist

Edition of 45

Code: FHA-00004C

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Box Canvas : 21 (w) x 26 (h)
RRP: £ 445.00
Box Canvas Framed : 26 (w) x 31 (h)
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