Limited Edition on Deckled Edge Paper

Image Size:  24" x 25"

Framed Size:  TBC

Edition Size:  25 plus 1 Artist's Proof (please contact us for further details)

RRP Framed:  £495 

God of the sea Poseidon leads the waves in a furious dance in this vibrant and breathtaking image.

Andrew Craig is fascinated by deep seas and high mountains.   The monumental scale of his imagination is breathtaking and his interpretation of the forces of nature just awesome.   How we long to be part of his vision - but how frightening would it be to sail his seas and climb his mountains?

(all sizes are approximate)


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Limited Edition on Deckled Edged Paper Mounted : (w) x (h)
RRP: £ 395.00
Limited Edition on Deckled Edge Paper mounted and Framed : (w) x (h)
RRP: £ 495.00