Original Mixed Media on Canvas, Framed

Image Size: 30.0" x 30.0"

Framed Size: TBC

RRP Framed: £1,995.00

As Sam Cooke once sang...."Cupid, draw back your bow.....straight to my lovers heart" Looks like someone has already taken aim with this mystifying muse....and he just can't miss

Portfolio Fine Art are excited to be working with Jay Fortune with this new collection of eclectic Pop Art - enquire to your nearest gallery about this new Original painting.

Internationally acclaimed portrait artist Jay Fortune has a degree in Art and, in a short space of time, has generated a worldwide following. His authentic, original artwork is strikingly powerful, combining brightness and contrast, bringing a subtle yet energised quality to each composition. His sense of fun shines through the graphic dynamic of his work in a smorgasbord of serious play.

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Box Canvas in a Black Tray Frame : (w) x (h)
RRP: £ 1995.00