Limited Edition Box Canvas

Framed Size: 30" x 25.5"

Image Size 24" x 19.5"

Edition Size 25

RRP Framed £450

Tony Black explains "I'm not a reader of the Sunday Mirror, or any newspapers these days.   I used to be a journalist quite a few years ago now and I have lots of old newspapers kicking about containing my 'cuttings'.   I like to look back on them as they're great social documents of the times.   For my paintings I pick the headlines at random, though I always select words with impact.   The images come first dictating the flow of the piece and the other mixed media are there to accent the work".

(all measurements are approximate)


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Box canvas mounted : (w) x (h)
RRP: £ 350.00
Box canvas mounted, framed : 30 (w) x 25.5 (h)
RRP: £ 450.00