Original Acrylic on Canvas, Framed

Image Size: 30.0" x 30.0"

Framed Size: Approx 34" x 34"

RRP Framed: £1,995.00

HA HA HA - to get into the mind of a devilishly naughty cat, proud to be clean and next to a smelly dirty dusty dog!   Imagine?

Portfolio Fine Art are excited to be working with Jay Fortune with this new collection of eclectic Pop Art - enquire to your nearest gallery about this new Original painting.

Internationally acclaimed portrait artist Jay Fortune has a degree in Art and, in a short space of time, has generated a worldwide following. His authentic, original artwork is strikingly powerful, combining brightness and contrast, bringing a subtle yet energised quality to each composition. His sense of fun shines through the graphic dynamic of his work in a smorgasbord of serious play.


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