Limited Edition Canvas On Board, hand embellished.

Framed Size:  29.5 x 35.3"   In a choice of high gloss black or white.

Image Size: 23.5" x 29.3"

Edition Size:  25 plus 1 Artist Proof

RRP Framed £625.00

Cultural Icons such as Kate Moss are nothing new to digital artist #Onelife183.  Painted by artists around the world, Kate was a fashion model whose waifish figure and natural look redefined the industry in the 1990's and not one urban artist will ever stop representing her in their works of art, the inclusion of this iconic female is a face of our future too.

#OneLife138 is known for his distinctive pop paintings, each one featuring his trademark spray bottle (can you spot them?) and often the comic 'pow' or 'pop'. Using complex collage techniques, each piece is a dynamic creation of mash up popculture which work to critique the banal and the mundane. His artwork challenges mainstream media values and inspires a sense of freedom in life. Are you ready for the journey?

(all measurements are approximate)


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