Limited Edition Mixed Media On Deckled Edge Cut Paper

Framed Size 31.8" x 41.9"

Image Size: 22" x 31"

Edition Size: 9

RRP Framed £575


Jenny-Brenda Musungay is an African - British Multidisciplinary Artist & Poet Born 24th October 1989 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.   Her debut collection with Portfolio Fine Art  brings together love and sexuality in collage form with her exciting and dynamic 3QUENCY Collection.  

Jenny-B is not just an amazing and original artist.   She also has poetry in her soul, first inspired by her relationship with "the love of my life" finishing.   The few lines of verse she wrote in 2013 take her straight back to that place and time and the feelings of loss she experienced at that moment.   Jenny’s opinion is that paintings allow the observer to interpret what they see and take what they want from the image.  The same picture can be seen by many people at the same time and each will have a different story to tell about it.   “Poetry" Jenny says “allows me to tell people EXACTLY how I feel - this is how you are GOING to take it!”    

That must be very cathartic for Jenny who was born in The Congo.   She was memorably asked in one interview how it felt to be a black artist.   “I was really irritated by this.  Does it matter that what colour I am?   I just want to be seen as an artist - nothing more, nothing less.  Sadly, there are still discrimination barriers in the art world, just the same as in others”.   

If anything this experience made Jenny keener than ever to get out of the discrimination box.   She uses magazines as backgrounds in her paintings which are often oversized and incredibly visual.  She likes the texture of the print because it’s easy to paint over which is one of her signature points.   She choses her magazines images to either make the background strong or busy and says newspaper isn’t quite up to the job as it’s far too thin to paint over.   Jenny particularly loves oranges and blues - they represent creativity and communication and work so well together in her work, where every piece tells a story - and Jenny leaves us all to find our own story in her fabulous pieces of art.

This inspirational new artist is definitely one to watch!

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Mixed Media on deckled edge cut paper mounted and framed : 31.8 (w) x 41.9 (h)
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