Original Oil on Canvas 

Image Size: 18" x 22"

Framed Size: TBC

RRP: £965.00 Framed

An intimate view of human life beyond the neighbour’s fence, a narrative to fuse the imagination, almost like making up sentences with letters from boggle, but be boggled with clothes and apply the same method, oh what a conundrum…For some, they get a great sense of a life before and a narrative of times of old.

Times before machines dried clothes at a flick of a switch. Clothes blowing in the wind, their fresh scent gently dancing past our noses. Nostalgic memories of helping peg the laundry in readiness to make dens to hide from the neighbours who all come out at the same to hang and air their clothes.Walk down cobbled streets and see the mass of washing lines full to the brim on a warm sunny afternoon.

Colours of every spectrum and a clue to who resides in the house the washing line belongs. Wisdom in washing, new beginnings, new starts, empowerment and lessons learnt, that is what I get from washing on a line, aside from a whole ton of ironing of course!


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