The Enchanted World of Ryder continues to warm our hearts this Autumn with the new collection available to pre-order for Autumn/Winter 2021

Ryder's new collection encompasses the warmth of the winter months and not the cold.  A time to spend with loved ones, a time for romance against the backdrop of beautiful winter skies and blankets of fresh pure snow sparkling like a million diamonds, so let the warmth of winter radiate and fill your hearts.  

Taking orders now ahead of the release date October 2021

Cosy up and be enchanted, take a look at the collection here ...

The enigmatic Ryder has said that his ‘work' is inspired by the need to escape the sometimes-harsh realities of this world’ transporting the viewer to dream-like and childlike settings which he has achieved through an unpretentious, innocent and imaginative realism. By retaining anonymity, Ryder’s world is somewhat unobtrusive to our reality, abandoning prejudgement and allowing viewers to transcend into imagination.