Escape into the fairy-tale world of Ryder this spring. As lockdown begins to ease, we all find ourselves yearning for more magic in our lives, with Ryder’s whimsical landscapes, each scene and it's inhabitants appear to invite you on a new adventure every time. Why not let your walls display the magic of this escapist world for you to dip into when the mood takes you? Just as the Hobbit shouted ‘let’s go on an adventure’ you too can follow the fox or the children down the path to fantastical scenes of idyllic villages and thatched cottages, all surrounded by nature. These pieces are also all about love. Featuring hidden hearts and a silhouette of a couple kissing in one and children holding hands in another. You cannot look at these landscapes without feeling warmth; something we all need after almost a year without human connection. 

The enigmatic Ryder has said that his ‘work' is inspired by the need to escape the sometimes-harsh realities of this world’ transporting the viewer to dream-like and childlike settings which he has achieved through an unpretentious, innocent and imaginative realism. By retaining anonymity, Ryder’s world is somewhat unobtrusive to our reality, abandoning prejudgement and allowing viewers to transcend into imagination.

In addition the beautifully contrasting colour palate takes us into a dream-like  state. The landscape is vignetted in ambiguous darkness while bursts of colour bring comfort and a sense of calm.  Take a deep breath in... can you hear the wind rushing in the meadow yet? And a deep breath out...perhaps you can see the hearts already? Transport yourself into the enchanted serenity of are certainly going to be going on an adventure.

Artwork in the The Enchanted World Of Ryder Collection