During this incredibly uncertain and difficult time, Portfolio will continue to operate. ‘Putting Personality in to Publishing’ is our motto and that’s what we’ll do. We’ll continue in high spirits supporting our wonderfully talented artists and loyal gallery clients.

We shall continue to think of new ways to keep the passion flowing through this industry and different waysto support you all. New releases will be sent to you via email and we would welcome your logo and permission to use if you would like us to onward share that the collections are available through you.

Art Sales may not be the first thing on your clients minds but we have received some positive feedback from galleries that they have clients looking for art for their new Home Office, and where there is hope, we will be positive throughout this unprecedented period.We are happy for your gallery to add all the items on our website and if you would like your logo added to any of the E-Brochures please send High resolution images of your logo via email.

A free shipping service to your clients of in stock products which will be invoiced on a pro forma basis willbe offered. All SOR stock will be invoiced for all our records and we ask that you confirm your have theappropriate insurance cover in place.Some of our artists will have some increased studio time to create some wonderful pieces, so why not offeryour clients the opportunity to commission an artist making something personal to their requirements.

We would also like to assist with directing traffic to your websites and social media during this time, so let'sall stay connected.We will continue to monitor the situation and will follow the necessary guidelines.Please stay safe!Keep safe, Keep strong, keep CLEAN and canvas on!  

All our love

Sarah Ellen, Colette, Andy, Susie and Becky