Mike believes that the most interesting thing about an Artist’s life should be their work but, as people do ask, here is a brief description of his journey:-  After many years working as a Creative Director in London, Stockholm and New York, he finally found the courage to follow his heart, and moved to Dorset to study stone carving.  

“Nowadays it is hard to believe that I found the gongs, flash cars and posh restaurants lacking appeal, but daily I dreamed of something more rewarding. I adored the work of people like Gaudier-Brzeska, Brancusi, Mestrovic, Moore & Epstein, and believed the proper way to follow them would be to learn the real skills of stone carvers before I even began”.Graduating with distinctions after 2 years studying with men from the Dorset limestone quarries, and wondering why he hadn’t done it years ago, Mike opened his own workshop/studio in 1995 where he has continued to enjoy a varied career as a sculptor and painter.“

My first joy was in working stone. I loved the sound of it under a mallet, the smell when it’s cut, the colour and the texture. Most of all I loved its permanence, millions of years in the making, hundreds perhaps thousands of years in the form it gives me”.Mike was taught by craftsmen, not artists, men who learned the ways of generations of men before them; taught to know and respect the material, to work it with honesty and a firm hand.

Nowadays, a lot of Mike’s energy is spent painting and drawing. In his words, “finding something deeply expressive in the flat planes of the two-dimensional, engaged on a journey that doesn’t have an end, simply trying over and over again to get a little better, a little more confident, and finally a little more accomplished”.  “Currently, in my painting, I am attempting to explore and understand what it truly means to be human. I am fascinated by figurative drawing and painting, and I seek to investigate the spiritual reality that lies beneath the surface of ordinary people.”

Mike’s work is now in the collections of several institutions throughout the UK and in private collections both here and in America.