A collection of works from our 'Sculptor To The Stars'.

We are also proud to be able to offer his original works.

Garry Ault

Garry is a fine art sculptor, residing in Bournemouth after falling in love with the Dorset coast at an early age. Whilst honing his talent for true-to-life sculpture, Garry began his career working on film sets, then later producing bespoke installations for internationally-renowned conceptual artists, before establishing his own niche. 

Garry Ault Sculpture explores a celebration of the human form. He immortalises modern heroes and icons in a style traditionally reserved for gods, myths, saints and kings. Incorporating contemporary influences and the anatomical pinnacle, Garry captures beautiful bodies and captivating characters to create accessible artwork for a broad audience. Though originally sculpting in clay, Garry values the whole production process and is very hands-on through moulding, casting, and finishing; with a special appreciation for the permanence granted when producing a character in real bronze.

Garry has been fortunate to produce works for Freize art festival and to date has taken on commission work for numerous high profile clients such as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"To have Arnold appreciate my work enough to own three of my sculptures for his own personal collection is a true honour and is immensely validating. The human body and its expressive nature is extremely complex and wonderful so, to get Arnolds seal of approval, means I’m definitely getting something right"