Post lockdown, London and New York are looking a little different than they did six months ago but Neil Dawson's latest collection shows them at their best - in both frenetic and more sombre times.   Neil's ability to capture the mood of both cities is second to none and his iconic London buses and black cabs still cruise rainy streets while, in New York, skyscrapers shine through above busy streets and below misty skies.

Originals and Limited Edition prints are available and we know that Neil's new collection will bring a Big City atmosphere to any home 

Exploding out of the Portfolio stable with her first collection is Jenny B-M who, inspired by theses of spirituality and Buddhism, deeply layers different mediums with collages with geometric shapes.   The depth of her pieces draws you ever closer and then very nearly INSIDE her art as you try to work out how far you can reach into her three dimensional world, aptly summed up by one of her titles... "My Reality Differs"!

Jenny's 3Quency Collection will entice you into a whole world of questions... so contact us about the niche selection of Originals that we still have available.

It's all about the sea at this time of year and Marina Emphietzi-Harris's latest collection almost jumps off the canvas with bold colours forming her art and lifting them into both solid images and impressions of more ephemeral thoughts and conversations.   Marina's childhood home was right beside the ocean in Cyprus but sadly this was lost in the war.   As her talent developed Marina creates work provoked by memories of her early years, all resonating with timeless maritime images.

Aptly, Marina's collection of original art is already creating waves here on the South Coast!