Original Acrylic on Board Framed

Image Size: 12" x 12"

RRP Framed: £545.00

Elaine Mather captures the beauty and tranquility of this English Oak.........but covered not with leaves, but hearts of Gold........

British born Elaine Mather has been a highly successful artist for many years, with her work sought after by collectors nationally and internationally. She has worked in many different styles, but has always been drawn to landscape; whether it be quirky high streets and shops or vibrantly coloured focal trees and forest both with the characters which populate these colourful scenes.

“What I get from painting is the chance to look at the world around me; be aware of the turning of the seasons and notice the incredible colours of nature. With landscapes I feel it is not so much an idea, but an ability to compliment what is already there. Nature is the most beautiful thing in the world, yet we are so quick to destroy it. The vibrant colours I use in my trees make them much less likely to be passed over or ignored.”

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